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1. Tsewang Tashi

Tsewang Tashi

Born in 1963 in Lhasa, Tsewang Tashi is a founding member of the Gedun Choephel Artists' Guild. In 1984 he graduated from the Fine Arts Department of the Central University for National Minorities in Beijing. He also completed a Master's degree in Art from the National College of Art and Design in Norway and is currently Associate Professor at the Arts Department of Tibet University. His works have been exhibited in international museums and galleries, and he has published papers pertaining to Tibetan art education and painting.

Tsewang Tashi uses his physical environment, real people and contemporary life as a source of inspiration. He avoids incorporating certain elements in his work that would perpetuate the myth of Tibet as Shangri-La and believes that contemporary art cannot be created when contemporary life is ignored.

"What I pay attention to is to the real people and environment as my source of inspiration. I believe that if contemporary life around us is ignored, real contemporary art cannot be created. I avoid seeking novelty in my works, because a lot of these things are imaginary or expectations by outsiders who are looking for "Shangri-la" or "Savage Culture". I am living in a real society and have feelings and thoughts as other people in the world. I want to speak as humankind in general." Tsewang Tashi, 2003

Presently PhD candidate, faculty of Architecture and Fine Art, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (2009)
MA in art from the Institute for Colour,
National College of Art and Design (Norway, 2002)
BA in oil painting, Fine Arts Department,
Central University for National Minorities in Beijing (1984)
Graduated from Lhasa Middle School (1980)

Tsewang is currently Associate Professor of the School of Arts, Tibet University, and Assistant director of the School of Arts, Tibet University

Untitled Identities, Rossi & Rossi, London, Oct - Nov 2009
Light from Himalaya, 21:24/21:25 Gallery, Oslo (2000)
ShContemporary Art Fair,
Rossi & Rossi Gallery, Shanghai (2008)
Lhasa - New Art from Tibet,
798 1 Red Gate Gallery, Beijing (2007)
Inside out - Tibetan Contemporary Art,
Gedun Choephel Gallery, Lhasa (2007)
Tibetan Encounters - Contemporary meets Tradition,
Rossi & Rossi, Neuhoff Gallery, New York (2007)
Art from the Roof of the World - Contemporary Painting
from Tibet, Siebengebirge Museum, Koenigswinter, Germany (2006)
Visiting artist (presentation on History of Contemporary Tibetan Art), Oldenborg Center (2006)
Lhasa Train, Peaceful Wind Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico (2006)
Waves on the Turquoise Lake: Contemporary Expressions
of Tibetan Art, University of Colorado Museum, Boulder, Colorado (2006)
Faces of Tibet: Contemporary Art from Lhasa,
Koenigswinter, Germany (2006)
Lhasa Express, Rossi & Rossi, London (2006)
Classic to Contemporary: Vision from Tibet, Rossi & Rossi
and Sweet Tea House Art Gallery, London (2005)
Contemporary Tibetan Art, Peaceful Wind Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico (2004)
Lhasa Municipal Art Exhibition, Lhasa (2003)

Art in process,
The 11th Seminar of Tibetan Study International Conference, Bonn (2006)
20th Century Tibetan Painting,
The 10th Seminar of Tibetan Study, International Conference, Oxford (2002)

Art from Norway, Norwegian Contemporary art, Tibet University (2004)
Co-curator of the first women artist exhibition in Lhasa, Tibet (2004)
Co-founder of Gedun Choephel Artists' Guild (2003)

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