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5. Nortse


"I've been making an attempt over the past year to express myself in a new way by combining photography and painting. Every once in a while, I feel I need to change every facet of my style of expression, from technique to medium, because for me, "duplicating" myself is a very painful experience, which makes it difficult for me to continue using any one method for very long. This versatile, unfixed way of creating is perhaps a result or a reflection of my character, but whatever it is, it validly expresses my personal condition - a type of imbalance, a lack of equilibrium. Yet those who really understand me will discover that in the midst of this fluid, ever-changing creative mode, I am throughout continuing or extending, as it were, my personal experience and recollections, clumsily piecing together the fragments of my spiritual, inner life."

- catalogue essay "Nortse self portraits - the state of imbalance" Rossi&Rossi 2008

1963:Born in lhasa: 1984-1991
He studied respectively in Art department of Tibet university, National central art academy, Art academy of Guangzhou and Tainjing.

Selected Exhibitions (most recent first):
8-9 April 2008 Fragile Mandala joint show w. Nyandak Plum Blossoms Hong Kong
14 Feb - 22 Mar 2008: Nortse self portraits - the state of imbalance Rossi & Rossi, London UK
2007 "Past and Present", Christopher Farr Courtyard Gallery, Los Angeles (Organized by Rossi & Rossi Ltd)
2007 "Consciousness and Form: Tibetan Contemporary Art", Rossi & Rossi Ltd, London
2007 "Lhasa-New art from Tibet at 798", Red Gate Gallery, Beijing
2007 "Inside Out - Tibetan Contemporary Art", Gedun Choephel Art Gallery, Lhasa
2007 "Tibetan Encounters - Contemporary Meets Tradition", Neuhoff Gallery, New York (Organized by Rossi &Rossi Ltd.)
2006 "Lhasa Train", Peaceful Wind Gallery Santa Fe, New Mexico
2006 "Waves On the Turquoise Lake: Contemporary Expressions of Tibetan Art", CU Art Museum & The Colorado Collection, University of Colorado, Boulder
2006 "Modern Art from the Roof of the World - Contemporary Tibetan Art", Siebngebirg Museum, Germany
2005 "Classic to Contemporary-Visions from Tibet", Rossi & Rossi Ltd and The Sweet Tea House Contemporary Tibetan Art Gallery, London
2005 "The Sixth Chinese National Minority Nationality Art Exhibition", China Promoting Minority Culture and Art Association, Beijing
2003 "The High-quality Goods Art Show, The Third Session China Oil Art exhibition", The Chinese Art Museum;
2002 "Tibetan Contemporary Art", Sweet Tea House, London
1988: Participated in exhibition of contemporary art in Lhasa.

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