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4. Nyandak


I believe to be an artist, one should find one's own mode of expression integrated deeply in one's self. So I feel my works though devoid of certain innovation, are genuine and expressive. The artistic environment in Tibet hasn't yet had the space and scope for innovation that other regions enjoy. But strong individualism has thrived without conscious innovation.

Largely my themes share similarity with other artists in certain treatment. Though not so sociable a person, I am keen at observing social phenomena; subjectively. I can't say I am critical, political, or any other things. But I should say that I am sensitive and artful in depicting my themes. And that feels like tasting a strange food without commenting about it but bodily expressing something about the taste.

1974: Born in Lhasa.
1985-1993: Studied in T.C.V Dharamsala, India.
1999: Having returned to Tibet, started to study art under Tsewang Tashi - presently a lecturer at Tibet University in Lhasa.

Selected Exhibitions (most recent first):
July 24 2009 4 Contemporary Masters Peaceful Wind Santa Fe NM
July-August 2008 Tsering Nyandak the lightness of being, Rossi & Rossi, London
8-9 April 2008 Fragile Mandala joint show w. Nyandak Plum Blossoms Hong Kong
14 Feb - 22 Mar 2008: Nortse self portraits - the state of imbalance Rossi & Rossi, London UK
2007 "Past and Present", Christopher Farr Courtyard Gallery, Los Angeles (Organized by Rossi & Rossi Ltd)
2007 "Consciousness and Form: Tibetan Contemporary Art", Rossi & Rossi Ltd, London
2007 "I Love Oxygen Deficiency", Tibet Library Hall Lhasa,Tibet (Organized by the Gedun Choephel Artists' Guild)
2007 "Lhasa-New art from Tibet at 798", Red Gate Gallery, Beijing
2007 "Inside Out - Tibetan Contemporary Art", Gedun Choephel Art Gallery, Lhasa
2007 "Tibetan Encounters - Contemporary Meets Tradition", Neuhoff Gallery, New York (Organized by Rossi &Rossi Ltd.)
2006 "Lhasa Train", Peaceful Wind Gallery Santa Fe, New Mexico
2006 "Waves On the Turquoise Lake: Contemporary Expressions of Tibetan Art", CU Art Museum & The Colorado Collection, University of Colorado, Boulder
2004, May : group show, Tibetan Contemporary Art, Peaceful Wind, Santa Fe NM US
2003: Participated in the Lhasa Municipal Art Exhibition and won second prize. Jointly organized Gedun Choephel Artist guild. Invited for a Solo Exhibition at the Sweet Tea House gallery in London, UK.
2002:Held Group Exhibition in Lotus gallery in Kathmandu, Nepal.
2001: Held first Solo Exhibition in SPHN gallery in Berlin, Germany.
1998: Participated in Lhasa Municipal Art Exhibition.
1996: Participated in the International Environmental Art performance "Living Water" held in Lhasa under the support of an American artist.

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